Arrow - A multi-purpose Discord Bot

Arrow is a multi-purpose bot made to make moderation / administration easy.
Not only that, but it also offers many fun commands for the members of your server.
We focus on high-quality commands for moderation, support and more!

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Features of Arrow
We want to provide you the best features with Arrow!

Arrow offers a top-notch moderation system! Form simple ban and kick commands, to complex warn and mute and more!
Many moderators and admins really don't use bot ban and kick commands because they are really long or boring, but when they see Arrow's, they'll start to use them instantly!


Arrow also has many automatic features included in his free package! Such as a welcome message, logging system, leveling system and many more! Many bots are very choosy of what they put in their free package, but with Arrow, we give you all the access to our commands! Just some are in Premuim

Fun & Fancy

Arrow wants to give you the best support and fun, this is why Arrow has many fun embeds that you can look at and get inspired by or make art. We have fun games, such as rock, paper, scissors , hang man, coin flip and also a leveling system to keep your server active so they can race the #1 on the leaderboard







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