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Here are all of our beautiful Staff!

These are all the people who've started Arrow!

He's the Beast, He's the best, Spooky Beast#0001!
"As One of the founder's of Arrow, I've been amazed by what I've seen so far! Our team has grown from just 1 person to more than 7 in 4 months! We've progressed so far that I can't imagine how Arrow will be in a few years! Please support us by adding Arrow to your servers!"


He's the bro, He's ready to go, It's spookabro#0677!
"Creating the Arrow team with Beast has been one of the best decisions I have made. Seeing it grow from a small bot with a few commands to what it is now! What the future holds for us is exciting!
Thanks for all the loyal support all you guys!"

These are all the people who've contributed a lot to arrow!

He's a who, he's on youtube!, It's SpookAboutYT#6147!
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These are all the people who have contributed to Arrow to make it what it is today!

He's a Fionn, He's not a Finn! He's Fionn#0001!
"The Arrow team is an exceptional collaboration of devs and thinkers, if a problem arises, We strive to fix it in the fastest and most efficient way possible, everyone on the team is super talented and so are the people who use the bot, thanks for helping us grow our bot!"


He likes comics, He's a comic! He's comic.#6949!
"Joining the Arrow team was a good move in my opinion, I learned a lot in a short time, now that i see it's almost verified I am amazed by how much the community helped us. Thank You! "


He's Lucky, his name rhymes! He's Lucks#6960!


He's Firey, He's Derek! He's blaze#1000!
"I enjoy being a part of the Arrow team, its a great place to be and the bot is going really well. I think this bot with be huge one day and people will love it. Also invite Arrow bot now!"


He's Ax-traordinary, He's axiome#0198!
"I started developing about 4 years ago as a hobby, I started with javaScript, and I'm looking to learn different languages, around october 2019 is when I started developing disord bots. I look forwards to working with you."

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